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Is Canadian Pharmacy Meldonium really a cure?

Meldonium is a popular drug well known for treating circulatory diseases. It helps the blood and oxygen flow throughout the body.

How does Meldonium work?

It does so by chiefly affecting the central nervous system. Canadian Pharmacy Meldonium is an anti-ischemic drug and has been in use since long. Mostly used in northern parts of Europe, it is derived commonly from Latvia. For diseases which involve restricted flow of blood in the heart such as angina or heart attacks or even strokes, this is the most commonly recommended drug. This well known drug also got the famous athlete Maria Sharapova in trouble since this was banned for athletes recently. For more information visit Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy.


Positive results of the drug

  • This helps to enhance performance.
  • It has already been stated by the World Anti doping Agency as well. It does so since the effect of drugs helps the blood vessels become bigger in size thereby helping in a better blood flow throughout the body. Canadian Pharmacy Meldonium in turn helps in better concentration, movement coordination. It also helps you relax in situations which demand excessive physical or mental stress. In other words, it a good drug for people who want to increase their mental function. Although this drug was originally launched for animal as a non-antibiotic growth promoter, the positive effects on the circulatory system were soon realized and since then it has been in wide use by many people.

Studies have further revealed the positive effects Canadian Pharmacy Meldonium has on body thereby helping in

  • Improving the athletic endurance.
  • It is known to help in better rehabilitation after rigorous exercises.
  • It also helps to cope with stress better and results in enhanced functioning of central nervous system. It was later found out that athletes were using this drug so it was banned recently by WADA for athletes.

This drug has been in popular use in many countries since long and has been known as a performance enhancer. Interestingly this drug was in fact used by a lot of Russian soldiers when they were fighting off Afghanistan for improved performance. For more information about Meldonium and cardiovascular disease, please check us out at Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy.

Improving the athletic endurance

With these many positive effects there are still some precautions that need to be taken when you consume this drug. For example,

  • Pregnant women should avoid this drug as it may have negative effects.
  • For people who already take supplements for other cardiovascular diseases should know that consuming Meldonium simultaneously would result in enhanced effects and a sharp decrease in blood pressure.
  • Furthermore, time period while taking this supplement usually varies from 4 to 6 weeks. So, consult your physician before extending or shortening your time with the medicine.

For any queries regarding Meldonium dosage or precautions or even further information about heart attacks please feel free to visit Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy. Find out more information about Meldonium and its positive effects on the body metabolism.